BDA Petition

Dyslexia friendly teaching is the most effective way of teaching not just those with dyslexia but all children. There are very few children who cannot be taught to read, yet currently 26% of children are leaving primary school without achieving expected levels of literacy which often leads to social costs.  

The B.D.A. has launched a petition to the government requesting that dyslexia training be provided as part of Initial Teacher Training. The Arts Dyslexia Trust wholeheartedly supports the petition and together we need 100,000 signatures to trigger a debate in Parliament. If you agree with the petition would you please sign it, and even more importantly, join with us by passing on this request and link to everyone you know or meet who might be willing to do the same.

Any ideas you have which we could follow for publicising this at little or no cost would be much appreciated.

Here is a direct link to the petition:

 B.D.A. Petition >